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Dyslexia and Literacy

During the 2021 term, Dr. Young worked with stakeholders across the state to revise the Dyslexia Handbook, aligning for the first time Texas law with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Based on Dr. Young's leadership, struggling readers now have access to the tools they need to become literate, and school districts have access to federal dollars to fund dyslexia services.


Conservative Values

Dr. Young has worked tirelessly to keep conservative Texas values at the heart of Texas public education. She has worked with fellow Board members to stop liberal, out-of-state companies from introducing Common Core curriculum into Texas schools. Dr. Young joined with other conservative Republicans to reject Science TEKS, Health TEKS, and textbooks which sought liberal indoctrination of Texas public school students.


Career and Technical Education

Hailing from a small community and a ranching family, Dr. Young understands the importance of agricultural and career training for public school students. These programs provide leadership opportunities, foster responsibility, and prepare young people to be productive citizens. Dr. Young has been recognized throughout the state for her dedication to 4-H, FFA, and CTE programming.

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